Still Really Fucking Sad Over That Homo


That awkward moment when you realize that some weirdos STILL stalk this blog and horribly misinterpret and make crazy reaches about shit that I’ve posted about only vaguely. Seriously, y’all need to find other things to do in life.

Also, I remember I stopped being friends with someone because she had told me in confidentiality that she had banged a certain homosexual, and while I was like “hahaha good for you, no hard feelings” at the time, I was secretly pissed as hell, and I never forgave that person for it. Then the final straw was when the gay guy left me, and she still had this other dude, while I had nobody, and I just stopped talking to her forever.

I never gave an explanation why, and sometimes I wonder if I should have explained myself to her, but then it wouldn’t even matter, anyway, because I don’t want to give anyone rest for something when I know I won’t ever have my rest.

It’s not that I’m “jealous,” per se, but that it just makes me feel really insecure about my life when I know I shouldn’t be. It just feels strange to read about people younger than me getting to live fabulous, carefree lives because they have tighter abs than me (because they have the financial ability to spend most of their time on their appearance; I wish), when I’ve spent literally this entire weekend writing up grad school assignments in hopes of getting a job that will pay me basically as much as these people get for being pretty. There’s nothing wrong with people having a different hustle, but it makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong, when I’m not.

It’s crazy to think that one of my (former?) friends started off basically in the same situation as me, and two years later, she’s about to be married to a mega-millionaire, while banging a couple of world-famous athletes on the side, while I’m…uh…praying to get an office job in a city that I can actually tolerate. I mean, yeah, it’s interesting to hear about occasionally, but it just makes me feel awful about myself. (And I haven’t heard from her in months, so I assume our friendship is over, and maybe it’s for the better, not that I think it’s of any consequence to her because her life is awesome now.)

Idk, life is really frustrating. I’ve spent most of my life “being happy” for other people, when nothing good is going on in my own life. That’s not to say that I’m not happy when good things happen for my friends, but it just makes me wonder what the fuck I have to do in life, that I’m not already doing, in order for just something to give.

I’m just trying to think like Kanye, and tell myself that I just need to continue to work hard (for what? why??) and one day, I will be successful and have the Matt Bomer to my Simon Halls.

Man, I need to stop looking at the “sugar bowl” tag, that shit just gets me depressed about my life.

Randy Orton is one of the probably four people on earth whom I understand and would totally be chill with, provided he doesn’t know that.


                       A soul mate is someone who you carry with you forever.

For my wifey. <3

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Do not chase people. Be you and do your own thing and work hard. The right people who belong in your life will come to you, and stay.

- Wu Tang (via larmoyante)

Man, and I was shitting on Randy for his marriage with his ex-wife, but at least he didn’t do that ish for the ratings. Cena, bruh, you’ve really sold out now.

Oh my god, it was an MMF platonic sleepover. ;______;

Why am I not surprised that R and C would sleep in the same bed together (with an awesome female, but still).