Still Really Fucking Sad Over That Homo

Sep 1

Def want to bleach my hair full blonde now, since I have a “strong” jaw, on an otherwise decent face, a la Shawn Michaels’ wife, so having skanky hair and a tan would distract from that.

Sep 1
Thinking in the Kanye mindset from now on. Work hard, build yourself, and one day you’ll get your dream bitch, too.

Thinking in the Kanye mindset from now on. Work hard, build yourself, and one day you’ll get your dream bitch, too.

I don’t even know why some passive-aggressive judgmental weirdos want to try to pointlessly lecture people with, “If you don’t want nudes leaked, then don’t take pictures, wah wah.” Like, it isn’t even anything bad. You are entitled to take photos of your own body if you want to. I don’t know how seeing a photo of someone’s nipple should be more “offensive” than seeing a photo of someone’s elbow. Like whatev, if you got it and you want to flaunt it, then flaunt it.

Anyhow, if you’re the type to judge people on what they do in their private time that doesn’t hurt anybody, then you’re the one with the problem. Basically, Jennifer Lawrence’s body is on-point.

My man Zach Quinto living THE LIFE—dating male models, having a relatively successful TV/film career, using that ex-male model/actor on Teen Wolf for sex and not publicly claiming him because he is a self-loathing homosexual—all the good stuff.

Has anyone thought of being a “sugar mama”?

So I had briefly tried my hand at being a “sugar baby,” but found that I couldn’t do it because I am too superficial in terms of looks (I don’t even care about money, since I’ve paid my college off, and am on to a fairly lucrative professional career). More than money, I liked the thought of being able to turn some David Gandy-looking “straight-cut professional” out, but yeah, it turns out that most rich guys don’t look like David Gandy. So while I am a very sexual person around people who I actually find attractive (who are very far and few in between), I can’t even stand pretending to tolerate the presence of those I don’t find attractive.

This probably isn’t the right place to ask, but has anyone ever considered or experienced being a “sugar mama”? I figure once I advance enough in my career to be making the six figures (hopefully by my late-20’s, 30’s), I plan to “sponsor” some struggling young L.A. actor/model (and hell yeah, he’d have to give that ass up). It sucks, though, that I don’t think that as many “attractive young guys” are available for this type of thing as the young females are.

And yes, with my age and looks, I can “get” most young guys, but I am also irrevocably sexually-sadistic, so I wouldn’t feel ethical about putting a guy through what I really plan to do with him, unless I was paying for it. Hey, we’re all superficial in our own ways. *kanyeshrugs*

The irony of it is that Hollywood is quick to throw awards at every “straight” actor who plays a queer role, but when an actual gay man plays a gay man, they’re like nah, you weren’t good enough.


You deserved that Emmy Matt.

I didn’t watch the Emmys (because I don’t watch any award shows ever), but my poor babby. The good news for him is that he is still better-looking than 99.8% of the human population.

Amal Alamuddin is kind of my inspiration because she is proof that you don’t have to meet a dude in a club (not that there is anything wrong with that; I just don’t have the time or luck) to snag some famous questionably homosexual boo. You can just focus on doing you, and maybe the right people will fall into your life. Plus, that’s the great thing about Los Angeles—stick around, and you are bound to meet people.

FML. -__________________________________-

Within the past two days, I’ve been hit with several accidental reminders of the only person that I have ever loved (I genuinely do not even believe that “love” will ever exist for me again in this life, as I have not felt anything even remotely like that feeling again), which just drives my ambition to make it in (the business of) Hollywood, even more. Like fuck it, it has been almost two whole years, and it still feels like yesterday, but I know that I still have a long life ahead of me, and there are still ways I can reconcile that part. Thank fuck I’ve been on my grind and have a good shot at starting my career at a firm that deals with extremely-wealthy/celebrity clientele.

Shit, I hope I’ll be around when John Travolta’s wife divorces him, so when I help deal with his finances, I can apply to be his new beard. The goal is still the gays of Hollywood (and not the randoms of WeHo). And maybe one day, I’ll encounter that person again, and I can be like, “Surprise bitch, I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me.”


It’s like he was telling us he like his ass ate all along. We just didn’t listen.

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