Still Really Fucking Sad Over That Homo



"That was a great block."
"You took it out my hands, JJ!"
"... I appreciate that!" (x)

JJ apologizing to Cush for shewastexas

Scandalous thought.

Connor Walsh kind of reminds me of RO in that he is outwardly a slutty, “gives-no-fucks” dick, but on the inside, he’s really a scared, emotionally-wanting dude. And they both are really problematic people, but redeem themselves by doing gay stuff.

This was an important and iconic moment in television history.

"Queen Connor."

Yo, so let me dissect Connor’s sexual habits (for my own peace of mind).

I’m thinking that Connor primarily tops when it comes to his relationship with Oliver because Oliver is a Gaysian, and you know the stereotype about Asians and their equipment he thinks Oliver is a (lovable) weak nerd. Hence his comment to Asher about it not being “his” ass that was getting tore up. But he did let Oliver tap his ass at least once, so maybe he was just fronting with Asher because they’re professional rivals, and he still wants to seem like the big man on campus.

But yo, I’m hoping that Connor is still at least somewhat of a dick-loving mofo because of this scene, where he’s peeping Paxton’s package and clearly seems impressed by it, which means that he does value size.




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And although Connor is physically on top of Paxton during their sex scene, these are more ecstatic dick-riding faces he is giving here, which isn’t usually the kind of expressions one would give if he was the one “giving.”



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The only thing left is the thing he apparently did to Paxton’s ass that “made his eyes water,” and while originally I had interpreted that to mean he had given Paxton the bomb dick, a lot of people have suggested that he was referring to giving him a rimjob, which seems to be more likely, since it was evidently something they couldn’t state outright on TV. And giving a rimjob can be either a dominant or a submissive act, depending on your viewpoint.

The verdict: Connor Walsh is Closeted Versatile.

This is why you are my problematic fave, Connor.

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I realized this episode that I don’t like Connor as much as I thought I did, not because he’s a sneaky slut, but because he seems like one of those self-proclaimed “exclusive” tops that would throw a bitch-fit if it was suggested that they bottom, even though they secretly like it.

So it wasn’t Wes (I guess I misinterpreted what I was told—though the dude was hot, so I guess he technically didn’t lie), but yeah, people can go ahead and unfollow me if they feel betrayed by the bit of misinformation I gave (though tbh, I definitely wasn’t the only person who thought it was Wes).

Waaaaiiiit, so was it the trader guy, and not Wes?